So far

So far in digits…over the years


326 Maximum number of participants in one event.
164 Number of events held by Work Partners.
59 Settlements, in which we’ve held events.
42 Maximum number of Workp Partners’ collaborators engaged in one event.
38 The number of movies shot and especially made for our events.
22 are thematically developed formats in which each team is not just “treasure hunting”, but involved in memorable adventure. We can adapt this format to every customer and requirement.
21 Maximum number of teams in one event.
8 The smallest number of participants for which we’ve held an event.
7 The biggest number of events, arranged for one Company.
3 The number of events held simultaneously for three different Companies in three different settlements.
1 (And The Only) case in which the weather prevented us to conduct an event, planned to be held outdoors.
1 Event conducted without the participants knowing that they are participating in Team Building.
0 The number of events, which are not in accordance with specific client.